About us

Hindi News Gallery is a leading company in Hindi online space. hindinewsgallery.com is the fastest growing Hindi news website in India, and focuses on delivering around the clock national and international news and analysis, business, sports, technology entertainment, lifestyle and astrology.

HNG believe in providing trusted news and content to the all our followers and unique viewers which gives you right information at right time and keeps you updated always. Humanity first is the basis of our all practices, we look forward to add better values into your lives always.

First of its kind in Hindi Digital market, hindinewsgallery.com has an exciting fully responsive design, which is very clean, light and fast to use.

Hindi News Gallery posts an 18-30 news daily issued with colourful and vibrant pages in every edition. In addition to this HNG posts several niche content focusing on topics like jobs and career, entertainment, women, life, health and many more.

Hindi News Gallery issues weekly dose of entertainment that comes out regularly across all its related posts and carry women-centric content including stories on food, fashion, beauty, home and interiors and many more across its respective posts.

Hindi News Gallery also posts various articles centring around education and career opportunities.

Hindi News Gallery is moving ahead with a mission to create a better future through empowerment of all. HNG is involved in promoting Social activities which enables a larger section of society to live their life with dignity and pride – through direct action on the ground with an objective to, empower all – less advantaged first, development of girl child, protecting environment, serve the elderly, identify unsung heroes from all walks of life and to help unfold excellence in our youth. Also we perform series of thematic activities which revolve around patriotism and attempt to create a sense of responsibility towards nation.