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STRIFF 24 Pieces Highly Flexible Silicone Cable Protectors, Charger Cable Protector, Charger Protector, Wire Protector, Cable Protector, Charging Cable Protector (White)


Price: ₹499 - ₹99.00
(as of Feb 01, 2024 07:06:00 UTC – Details)

Product Description

cable protector,wire guard , spring cable protector,wire guard , spring

cable protectorcable protector

extend the life span of cableextend the life span of cable

Tired of replacing your cables ?

Our STRIFF charger cable saver is specially made to provide a quick install. It is designed to effectively protect any type of charger cables ranging from all kinds of smart phones, computers, to USB-powered devices and more. It has more applications than you can imagine. Just twist around the cable and it wraps easily, and you don’t need to worry about the cables are easy to be damaged anymore, neither need to spend your precious time on repairing them.

Warm notice:This data line protector can only effectively reduce data line damage, not completely avoided.

STRIFF Cable Protector

Good Quality Cable Protector

cable protectorcable protector

wire protectorwire protector

high grade plastic granualshigh grade plastic granuals

Save Your Money

Not only can protect your wires from damage, but also extend product life even if the wire is somewhat damaged. It can save your money to a large extent.

One-step Installation

Wrap the cable protector onto your preferred cable. The Lightning Cable Protector will wrap around any wire just like a protective sleeve would but with more mobility.

Flexible Silicone

Made of heat-resistant silicone, which is highly flexible and bendable. Protect your cables well.


flexible protectorflexible protector

increase life span of cable and wireincrease life span of cable and wire

Protect cables: the cable protectors are designed with highly flexible silicone, can be applied as phone charger saver and charger protector to completely protect cables for all devices, including cell phones, computers, laptops, mouse cable, etc.
Protection effect: protect wires and power cords from dirt, frays, tangles and knots; Reduce the risk of fraying and breaking
Touch comfortable: the wire protectors feels nice and is fun to install on any wires end, can be applied to protect your headphone cords and charger cables; You can also relieve your stress when you touch it; Relax yourself, even better, the cable protector looks cool
Prolong life of cables: the charger cable saver will help to prolong the life of your cable even the cable has been damaged
Simple to install: a detailed usage is provided; With no worries to wrap the cable protector onto your preferred cable


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